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Private Non-MSP Services

Private Patients

We provide a variety of services for patients without MSP or for services not covered by MSP. Whether you're visiting from aboard or seeking an occupational medical examinations, we're here to help! 

Doctor and Patient Vancouver Sky Medical Clinic

Some of the Services We Provide

Occupational Medical Exam

We can offer a series of medical and physical evaluations that ensure an employee is fit for duty in their employment.

  • Sports or camp fitness examinations ​

  • Industrial first aid examinations

  • Complete physical examinations

  • Occupational work related examinations 

Visiting Patients from Abroad

If you're visiting from abroad, we are here to help with any primary care services you may need! We can charge your health insurance provider directly to ensure a smooth experience.

  • Routine medical advice & examinations

  • Telephone Advice

  • Medical advice by letter

  • Prescription Renewals

  • Complete examinations 

Insurance & Disability Forms

We can assist in completing all routine insurance and disability forms. 

  • Insurance Company Forms

  • Notes for School or Work

  • Longterm Care Admission / Registration

  • Employer's Work Capability Forms 

  • Income Tax Disability Forms

  • Handicap Parking Forms

  • Government UIC Forms

  • Handidat Forms

Driving Medical Exams

We can help complete your driver's medical examination report to ensure you are medically fit to drive safely.

  • Roadsafe BC Forms

  • Fitness assessments

  • Driver's license examinations

Medical Metabolic Rate Analysis

Metabolic testing enables you to understand your body's unique metabolic rate and customize your weight management program.

Research has shown that for overweight and obese adults, formulas that predict metabolic rate were only accurate 40% of the time.​

  • Personalized data and guidance based on your unique metabolic rate.

  • Convenient weekend & evening testing available.


Please ask a member of our team for a complete list of services and fees 


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We'd be more than happy to help!

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